Friday, 12 December 2014


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Image result for sony hd camcorderFor the Camera I experimented on what will produce the best quality. I used a Samsung S3 phone camera and 2 Sony HD Camcorders. I decided I could not use a S3 camera as it was hard to keep a steady hand and we didn't have anything to hold it with. I then looked at one of the Sony HD Camcorder. This was good as it fitted on the tripod nicely and was easy to use. However, this Camcorder didn't produce the quality I wanted. The last camera I tested was another Sony HD Camcorder but a newer version. This had the best quality. Also it was very easy to use and was lighter than the first Sony Camcorder. It was thinner and easy to hold.
I also used a tripod to make sure the camera was steady when doing pan shots and tilt shots.

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I will make sure i use a tripod for shots that will be done indoor to make it easier to do pan shots and generally the tripod will help me have a steady camera

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