Friday, 12 December 2014

Props and Costume

For the props and costume I will try use as less as I can as I don't want to divert the audience's attention with the props. The less I use the better the opening scene will look.
However for the costume I will make the male character look scary by making him wear a black hoodie which he will have over his head. The hood will just cover his head up to his eyes.

The girl will be wearing normal everyday clothes. She will have a grey coat on and with                                                     have earphones on as she is listening to music.

For props I wanted to make the living room look homely so I will be using some cushions as the sofas look very plain and hotel like. Also because it will be Sanaa's birthday I would need to buy birthday cards and have wrapped presents to make it look like people have given her cards. This will also help the audience think about why Sanaa and Alhur have been arguing.

Image result for keys
This is the kind of key sanaa will be using to go into the flat. This will be attached to some other key rings. Also the bag sanaa will be wearing will be a big and black one with other things in her bag like a wallet, vaslenine, scarf and more.

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