Friday, 17 October 2014

Production and Distribution

The six biggest movie companies in the world are: Universal, Columbia, Paramount, 20th Century Fox Warner Bros and Disney. The movie companies I researched were Universal, Warpx, Hammer, Working Title and Warner Brothers. I found out that most of these companies are over 100 years old. I looked at different idents for each production and distribution company. These were the different idents:
Paramount is a Viacom company. The actual clips has dramatic music. Also i found out that the stars represent the different workers,

Warner Brothers has its own studio and is golden to represent its timeless aspect. Sometimes for different movies such as Harry Potter they change the graphics as well as the song played on top.

Some of the connotations of this ident is that it is mostly for children and families.

This ident has  golden background showing LA, Hollywood. It is the idea of imposing.

In this clip the universal goes around the world to show that universal owns the world as a movie company.

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