Sunday, 5 October 2014

Evaluation of Preliminary

My first experience of filming was exiting and hard as I didn't know how to use certain functions on the camera as well as I didn't know how to set up a tripod. After I edited the whole video I was satisfied with what I did. Editing the video was also a challenge as it was the first time I was using the software. The actors I used were good as they didn't get distracted quickly and they worked well with me. I did change the location and actors after the first draft as filming in the common room was not convenient and the timing didn't suit the actors. In my preliminary task I used shot reverse shot as one of the rules of filming. My experience of working in a team was good however sometimes it was hard to get them to concentrate.

I believe that I was well prepared for the preliminary as I had a script and time plan to follow, even though my original idea was to film in the common room. One thing that didn't work well in the task was that I didn't have enough dialogue as it only lasted 20 seconds. Also I should have been more creative with the type of camera shots I was going to use. Some of the things I could improve on are using the 180 degree rule, having match on action when the person walks in and also use different shots such as mid and wide shot.

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