Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Opening scenes of movies

In the opening scenes of movies I learnt that most of the movies have a similar order as to how they open the movie. When opening the movie I noticed that nearly all the movies had their titles fading in and out. Also they specified who made the movie. The movies I watched were: the woman in black, 22 jump street, Evan almighty, twilight and four weddings and a funeral. One of the movies started off with narration whereas the rest started with a simple song specifying the type of genre of the movie. All of the movies had different shots but the main ones were, wide shot, close up and aerial shot. These were used to show the location and the characters. Shot and reverse shot was only used when the characters had a conversation. Lastly I realised that the actual title of the movie didn't come straight away, so there was some dialogue.





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