Sunday, 17 April 2016

Evaluation 4

Who would be the audience for your media product? 

NAME: Monica
AGE: 22
INFO: Graduated from University with a degree for English. She's now working as a sales assistant.

Monica enjoys watching psychological thrillers as she says "its something about the unknown which keeps me on the edge of my seat". She generally enjoys thriller movies like Black Swan, Insidious, Paranormal Activity and particularly Gone Girl. She says "I loved watching Gone Girl because there was something sophisticated about the thriller. The actress is first shown as a victim and the husband is shown as the evil person especially from the first line of the movie about the brains. I loved this movie." She goes on to talk about my idea of the thriller. "I like Simran's idea of the thriller as it could really raise awareness about issues that happen in the household as well as being stalked". Monica mostly watches these movies online and on Netflix. She said "sometimes I like watching them thrillers the cinema, but I like to hold someone next to me when watching something very tense". I believe that my thriller would appeal to many young female adults as they may be able to relate to the issues introduced in my psychological thriller.

Generic Feedback

- The effects used on the flashback look really good. the ghosts really help to show its a flashback as well as the colour.
- It relates to real life situations that are happening today.
- Its quite abstract and open to interpretation.
- the sound effects used really help build up to the climax
- "I would love to see what happens in the rest of the movie"

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