Monday, 13 April 2015

Location Recce

At first me and my partner decided to use a card shop which would remind Sanaa about he ex (Nathan) by looking at anniversary cards. We wanted to this at Harrow shopping centre at Card Factory.

Image result for harrow shopping centre card factory

The reason why we didn't choose this is because we the area was always very busy and it would have been difficult to film with other people around as some people may not want me recording them. So I then decided to ask a family member to record outside their shop which didn't have many people around. For this I had to change how Sanaa would have the flashback. (put an offer on treatments in the shop) This shop was also based in harrow.

Luckily, nearby I had another family member who lives in flat, which was very convenient and meant that me and my partner didn't need to travel much. So therefore we done all the filming that was meant to be done outside the shop and in the flat as both of these locations were in harrow.

For the chase scene, we went to me partners area in Kenton. I thought it is a good idea to film there as my partner knew all the roads and also they were quiet roads therefore there wont be many cars interrupting our filming time. There was also an alley way nearby. So we planned how we were going to do the chase scene and where and when I will run.

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