Friday, 16 January 2015

Sound Design

Sound is very important in a movie as it creates the atmosphere of the movie as well as gives the movie or scene context. Also getting the right sound to suit the scene is very difficult. For example if it is a scary movie you will need to look for something that is an eerie and spooky sound rather than a happy and cheerful sound. I found a website which offers sounds that are copy right free which is

For my ident I needed a thundering sound as the clip that I chose included lightning bolts. Furthermore I had to get the sound just right to make sure it was in time when the lightning flashed. This is the sound I chose for the thunder. I liked the sound as it was very powerful and also I didn't want to include any rain. When including this sound I had to make sure I positioned it at the same time the flashes occurred.

Next I needed a sound for the start of my movie. I wanted something that was happy however had some sort of mystery to the sound, almost like not everything is perfect. I thought of using a Piano sound as it has a soft tone to it and relates to the flashback Sanaa will be having. I also want there to be some sort of build up when the piano is playing as this is when Sanaa and Alhur will be arguing. This is the sound I chose for the start of the film clip.

The next sound I want to use in the film clip is something eerie and uncomfortable for the audience. I want a build up at this point. This sound will be included when Sanaa just comes in the house. I feel this is the perfect time to use the sound as it will give an indication to the audience that something wrong is about to happen. This does happen in other thriller movies such as insidious, when it was very quiet in the house. This silence created an uncomfortable feeling for the audience which hinted something wrong is about to happen. That was when things around the room started breaking. At first I wanted to use this sound.

However, if I was an audience member I would feel uncomfortable but there is no build up in this sound. So then I decided to use this sound.

I really love this sound and is ticked all my boxes. There is a build up in the sound and it did manage to create an eerie and uncomfortable atmosphere. Furthermore it does give the impression that something wrong is about to happen.

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