Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Male and Female Representation

Here is some research I have done on Male and Female representation. 


Men in horror movies are seen as the protagonist. They are shown as brave and ready to take on any challenges. They are also shown as a protector for the female character and generally shown as strong. They don't show much emotion like women do. Men tend to have more active roles in movies and are leaders. They usually come across as mysterious, and often battle their own inner "demons", especially in Thrillers. For example, Alex Cross' character in "Along came a spider" is portrayed as mysterious and very intelligent. 

Another example is Denzel Washington in "Training Day". Male characters are often seen as the "lone hero", and have a lot of independence. Alex Cross eventually loses his female sidekick, and manages to solve the crime alone.  This is also true of male antagonists, who are often portrayed as isolated but have power.


The stereotype of women is mostly young and vulnerable as well as innocence. However older women are portrayed as having a great sexual appeal or can be mothers. In 1953 thriller "Niagra", Marilyn Monroe portrays an adulteress who plots to kill her husband. This character is seen as seductive and sly who is not a great contributor to society. Women in thriller films are usually portrayed as being passive and dependent upon men. Women usually are not the protagonist, or feature any characteristics that will solve the issue such as intelligence. 

Both genders are greatly stereotyped as however in different ways. Men are usually portrayed as being very masculine and the heroes, whereas women are seen as passive and dependent on men.

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